White Peach Transparent Drink

Can a transparent peach drink taste like the real thing?

The healthiest drink you can have is plain water. Many Japanese drinks maker have taken that challenge up to the extreme and created the transparent milk tea, coffee and even Coke!

This transparent white peach drink is no exception. It’s made by Cola-Cola and is branded as mineral water with white peach extract. See the reference to plain water?

Judging the looks only, it looks as transparent as water. If poured into a nice glass, you cannot tell the difference.

But put your nose near it and the magic is conjured. The smell is a very accurate recreation of smelling a nice and ripe white peach – fragrant, sweet and juicy.

Take a sip and it gets complicated. In theory, if you blindfolded yourself and performed a taste test, it tastes just like white peach juice.

Now, take the blindfold off and try to enjoy the drink. This is when it gets messy. A nice juicy white peach is best enjoyed by eating the fruit itself, not making into juice. Add to that, the drink itself looks more like water than peach juice. It completely messes up my senses and unfortunately, it doesn’t work.

In conclusion, they have done an excellent job in recreating the smell and taste of white peach in a transparent liquid. Full marks for that. But as a drink to enjoy, sorry, it is not my cup of juice water.

I bought this using my own money from Don Don Donki, Singapore.

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