Winning at the Carnival / Butter Chakli

My friend bought us some snacks when she came back from her Deepavali trip to India. She got us a pack of Chakli and a pack of Chikki. So a Chakli and a Chikki. This Chakli and Chikki words kept my kids entertained for almost an hour. They sound like cute characters out of a nursery rhyme. They were simply enjoying asking each other whether they want to eat a Chakli or Chikki or Chikki or Chakli.

A brief pause for some info. Chakli are similar to Murukku but they have the addition of bengal gram flour.

I have chosen to try the Chakli first. I took a circle, closed my eyes and took a bite.

I was at a carnival and was really hungry. I hunted for food and found this stall. I approached the stall owner. “Throw this loop at the sticks. If it hooks onto to any of the stick, you get to eat the loop”, he said. He wasn’t joking about eating the loops because these loops were made of Chakli. “Two dollars for five tries”, he continued.

I was super hungry and couldn’t find any other food stalls around. This may be unconventional but it’s the best chance for me to get some food.

I have him two dollars and got five Chakli. I took aim and threw it towards the sticks. Missed! Another try. Missed again! The third and fourth also missed.

My stomach was growling. Better get this one. I threw and it just caught the stick. Hooray! I have never been so happy after winning something at a carnival.

I took the Chakli and took a bite. Wow, this is nice! It was crunchy. It was not spicy at all and was quite bland. But this is good as I can actually taste the quality of the flour. Most other Murukku that I have tried were too spicy that it’s just too overpowering.

I’m still hungry. Maybe I’ll try that Chikki stall next door. To be continued…

This was a gift from a friend who bought it from India.

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