Yogurt Drink

If you have watched CCTV14 in China, which is the kids channel, you’ll very quickly notice that all the advertisements are made up of the same few adverts. And it’s not only for a month or two, it’s been the same for almost six months! To the extent that my kids can already memorize the whole dialog after just a few days of watching.

One of the advert is this yogurt drink. So I decided to buy one to see what’s all the fuss is about.

The bottle is cute and fat. Taking a sip, it was slightly sweet and yogurt-y sour. The yogurt tasted a bit artificial. It also felt a bit diluted, but that’s common for most yogurt drinks.

What about the real judges? One of my kids loved it but the others didn’t. So mixed verdict. I guess overall, it must be selling quite well for it to afford spending so much on advertisements.

I bought this from Hainan, China.

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